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L.C. Pi

New York City-based Product Designer driven to craft innovative user experiences for consumer services and products

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Product Design, Product Development &  User Experience

I design web and mobile applications that are human-centered, collaborative and technology-driven. My aim is to empower all types of people through design.


Recent Experience


November 2018 - April 2020

Product Designer

Jon Ruiz Consulting

August 2017 - October 2018

Product Designer

Marble Robotics

June 2016 - October 2016

Product Design Intern



Design Process & Principles

Discover + Define
Define the Problem
Define Goals & Strategy
Competitive Analysis
Preliminary Research
User Research

Understanding the motivation, and behavior of user’s helps pinpoint pain-points, challenges, and desires. These are opportunities to leverage design to find product growth areas and innovate.

Ideate + Iterate
User + Task Flow
Whiteboarding + Wireframing
Low-Fidelity Ideations
Content Strategy

Design is collaborative, lead stakeholders and ideate and iterate together. Strive to balance user and business success whenever possible and be a force for inclusivity and change.

Test + Validate
Final Prototype
User/Usability Testing
A/B Testing
Product Analytics
Specifications & Handoff

Utilize qual and quant data to inform design decisions. Learn, validate, and repeat.


Selected Work

See below for some of my selected work. At this time, I am unable to provide full case studies here due to confidential information. Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more.


+9% Offer Take Rate
LendingClub: Membership & Marketplace

How might we advocate for our members financial health and reimagine financial planning to fit the needs of every customer? #membership #funnelux #servicing


+45% TDL Completion Rate
LendingClub: Document Submission Portal

How might we make the verification process for loans more efficient for our customers? #verification #process #fintech


+132k new product listings
eBay: Authenticate Program

How might we authenticate our customer’s products and make selling effortlessly? #authenticate #ecommerce #sellerexperience


Dustsense: Construction Safety Dashboards

How might we design a construction device management dashboard that managers can actively monitor. #dashboards #iot #constructionsafety


Marble: Autonomous Technology Solutions

How can we deliver the future of autonomous technology with a user-centered delivery service? #autonomoustech #delivery #endtoend


Red Cross Blood: Blood Donation Application

How might we encourage people to regularly donate blood, and save lives? #appointmentbooking #health #endtoend



Let's Collaborate

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